Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Variety 12 Pack

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 Some days are cold brew days. Some days are matcha days. We get it. That’s why we offer this Variety 12-Pack, so you can sample all our farm-to-bottle authentic Vietnamese cold brews. Stock your fridge with four bottles of each of our offerings:


- 4 Bottles of Good Morning Saigon Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

- 4 Bottles of Black Cold Brew Coffee

- 2 Bottles of Coconut Plant-Based Cold Brew Coffee

- 2 Bottles of Coconut Matcha Plant-Based Cold Brew Coffee.


About Our Cold Brew Coffee

Omni’s Vietnamese coffee is grown sustainably on multi-generational family estate farms in the Central Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam. High elevation, micro-climates of generous rain, and rich volcanic red soil contribute to the distinct brightness and full-bodied profiles of our terroir-driven coffee. The blend we use incorporates a proprietary blend of premium Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans. Certified fair trade and sustainable. 100% Vietnamese.