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Highland Premium Arabica Vietnamese Roasted Coffee

Highland Premium Arabica Vietnamese Roasted Coffee

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Highland 100% Premium Arabica Vietnamese Coffee

Size: 8.8 oz (250 g)

Roast Level: Medium 

Profile: Rich & Lively

Notes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel

THE SPECIALTY BEAN - Our 100% Highland Arabica comes as a medium full-bodied roast with lively notes of deep chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. These beans are grown on high-elevation micro-lots which are specifically designated for premium Arabica. This delicate coffee is bright and unexpected, bringing intrigue to your espresso or pour-over.  

*Ground Coffee Orders: We offer a standard medium grind that is ideal for Auto Drip, French Press, and Pour-over preparations.

About Omni Bev’s Coffee Beans

Omni’s pioneering Vietnamese coffee beans are grown sustainably on multi-generational family estate farms in the Central Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam. High elevation, micro-climates of generous rain, and rich volcanic red soil contribute to the distinct brightness and full-bodied profiles of our terroir-driven coffee. The coffee cherries are sun-dried, then sent to California to be roasted in small batches. Certified fair trade and sustainable. 100% Vietnamese.

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