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Omni Limited Edition Coffee Mug

Omni Limited Edition Coffee Mug

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The Omni Bev's Limited Edition Coffee Mug is the perfect cup to satisfy all of your coffee needs. Made from stainless steel and featuring Omni Bev's logo, this mug keeps any beverage either hot or cold for hours at a time. Great fit for on-the-go drinking, getting a quick caffeine fix in between video calls, or enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

About Omni Bev’s Coffee Beans

Omni’s pioneering Vietnamese coffee beans are grown sustainably on multi-generational family estate farms in the Central Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam. High elevation, micro-climates of generous rain, and rich volcanic red soil contribute to the distinct brightness and full-bodied profiles of our terroir-driven coffee. The coffee cherries are sun-dried, then sent to California to be roasted in small batches. Certified fair trade and sustainable. 100% Vietnamese.

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