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Our Story:

Inspired by traditions, Omni Bev is a woman-owned business proudly introducing the world's first ready-to-drink authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee. Omni Bev encapsulates authentic Vietnamese coffee with our commitment to quality and sustainability while drawing inspiration from founder Tammy Huynh’s upbringing in Vietnam, where coffee is an essential staple of everyday life- and even more so, a social ritual. Her story started when she was a child growing up in Vietnam; she often sat beside her father and watched as he savored countless sips of fragrant local coffees. As a 5-year-old, she yearned for a taste as the warm coffee aroma filled her with curiosity. Though her mother forbade it, her father secretly treated Tammy to her first taste of what would turn out to be a lifelong passion for Vietnamese coffee. That connection to her father, and the incredible complexity of that delicious Da Lat brew, has led her on a mission to share it with the world. 

In 2017, Tammy visited her family in Vietnam, where she discovered her uncle owns the largest coffee bean farm in the region. Her travels home ignited her passion for bringing the bold flavors founded in Vietnamese coffee to new heights! The term “Vietnamese coffee” is misused often in today’s world as only a select few sources roast their beans 100% locally. She saw a unique opportunity to grow and sell the coffee from farm to bottle. Her mission was not only bottling coffee, but bottling the tradition of generations of families who brewed coffee in these exact same fields for everyone to enjoy, but with a modern twist. And that’s where the idea for Omni Bev was born.  

Who we are:

It's Vietnamese coffee but in an entirely new way. Omni Bev uses premium beans and simple ingredients. Our cold brew is perfect for your next on-the-go or post-workout energy boost! Indulge in a touch of sweetness with Good Morning Saigon (Cafe Sua Da); our signature blend - an authentic Vietnamese coffee experience. Our 100% Arabica blend is a classic delicate Vietnamese taste with zero-calories. Full of strength and richness, our Black cold brew is our purest blend with unmatched clarity of flavors. A healthful and delicious alternative to your daily brew, our plant-based Coconut cold Brew is rich and creamy with a touch of sweetness. Omni Bev is a pioneer for Vietnamese cold brew coffee. A desire for excellence goes into everything we do because it is much more than just cold coffee. Our small batch artisan roasted beans are grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil to accentuate inherent flavors and highlight the coffee's unique attributes. Coffee is craftsmanship starting with the farm it comes from. From the grower to the roaster, our coffee beans are harvested directly from our family farm in Vietnam and then brewed in our home state, California. Brewed with integrity, we never compromise the quality, freshness, and flavor of our coffee. Omni Bev harnesses originality and dedicates crafting coffees to heighten your drinking experience. 

Why we are doing this:

In this digital age, building brand trust is as simple as giving back to the community. Thankfully, social media platforms like Takko raises awareness about current matters and, even more so, can help develop innovative approaches to help communities in need. As a small business, we understand the power of kindness, as our community comes together, our success grows. We know giving back can take form in a number of different ways; there are no wrong ways to give back your community. At Omni Bev, we're passionate about you. We work within your wants to generate incredible returns for your community because together, we can make a positive change. With Takko, sharing how you give back is easy. You get to do what you love to do most while making a difference. Join Takko, partner with Omni Bev and be part of the change you want to see. When you partner with Omni Bev, you open an opportunity to give back to an organization of your choice.* Let’s work together to achieve more!

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