Our Story

In the mountains of Da Lat, Vietnam, a cool mist sails through the vast fields of fertile, volcanic red earth that glows a mystic color with the sun. The sound of mopeds rumbling through the calm valleys can be heard for miles and miles in these isolated highlands. With the right blend of temperature, rainfall, and humidity, we harvest and roast our single-origin coffee beans in this place of deep heritage. Shipped from our very own organic family farm to our family-run Omni brewing home in California, we bring authentic Vietnamese flavor into every can and bottle of Omni to you.

As a child in Vietnam, I often sat beside my father and watched as he savored countless sips of our fragrant local coffee. Even as a 5-year-old, I yearned for a taste as the warm coffee aroma filled me with curiosity.  Though it was forbidden by my mother, my father secretly treated me to my first taste of what would turn out to be a lifelong passion for Vietnamese coffee. The infamous strength was there, sure, but so was the sweetness. That connection to my father, and the incredible complexity of that delicious Da Lat brew, has led me on a mission to share it with the world.

The term “Vietnamese coffee” is misused quite often in today’s world as only a selected few sources roast their beans 100% locally. Years ago, when I visited my uncle’s coffee farm in Da Lat, I saw a truly unique opportunity to grow and sell the coffee from farm to bottle, all within our family line. We’re not only bottling coffee, but bottling the tradition of generations of families who brewed coffee in these exact same fields for everyone to enjoy, but with  a modern twist.

Classic Vietnamese coffee is pour-over style, brewed with hot water and contains a well-known bite. Our revolutionary, modernized cold brew method smooths out the acidity while kicking up the caffeine levels in a 100% natural and unconventional transformation of Vietnamese coffee. The small bubbles infused by the nitro process add a creamy, stout-like texture to the robust flavor which completely differentiates us from all other Vietnamese coffee brands in the world. By mellowing the profile, we bring a balance of sweetness and coffee flavor, making the century-long culture of Da Lat coffee more accessible to the everyday coffee drinker in our gourmet, small-batch bottles. What we do is truly unmatched and  must be tasted to be believed.

My dream is to share the connection of the Vietnamese people and culture with you through every bottle and can of Omni. It is our promise that the power and complexity of our coffee can breathe new vitality into your mornings and into your life. We invite you to wake up with Vietnam.

Tammy H.

Founder, Omni Bev

Omni team in Da Lat, Vietnam