Our Origin

Beyond the Bottle: Omni’s Vietnamese Coffee Bean Story

From the beginning, our mission has been to educate and elevate the value of authentic Vietnamese coffee. At Omni Bev, we are passionate about Vietnamese coffee and determined to evolve the coffee industry. Our goal is to elevate quality, build transparency, and create unparalleled flavors. We strive to craft coffees that will heighten your drinking experience while raising your expectations. 

 It all started with memories of patiently watching hot   coffee drip slowly into a small glass of ice over a spoonful layer of condensed milk. Followed with gentle stirs resulting in an unforgettable sip - a rich flavor maintained by the sweetened condensed milk balanced with the strong, complex, chocolatey undertones of the coffee. 

With every good story, stems a journey. Inspired and ready to redefine coffee culture, Omni pioneered the world’s first ready to drink authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee. Our story began with exploring the origins of Vietnamese coffee and, importantly, distinguishing the Vietnamese coffee bean profile. 

Our coffee origins ascended when the French colonists introduced coffee to Vietnam in the late eighteen century. Since then, coffee has been an integral part of Vietnamese culture. Unlike America's five-dollar morning coffee runs, Vietnamese people take time in their day to enjoy coffee with friends and family. Coffee is more than a drink in Vietnam; it's a way of life.

Vietnam cultivated the first plantations of robusta beans. Robusta beans are known for their bold roasted concentrated flavors with tinges of dark chocolate undertones. Robusta beans are mainly farmed in volcanic soils, where cocoa flowers are also planted, attributing to the coffee's natural mocha tastes. Robusta beans contain twice the caffeine content compared to what is found in Arabica beans.They are also naturally sourced with antioxidants and carry half the amount of sugar than their counterpart. The strong taste, higher concentrated brew, and over-roasted beans deliver a distinctive complexed flavor. 

With careful observance, farmers of Da Lat discovered the tropical climates and volcanic soils of the highlands were the perfect temperature and provisions to harvest robusta beans. Volcanic (basalt) soils are incredibly fertile and densely nutrient with minerals creating the ideal environment for growing robusta beans. Farmers then sun dried their robusta beans for long periods of time to achieve full ripeness and wonderful flavor tones that cannot be duplicated in water-washed coffees. To this day, every batch of our beans cultivates the same dedication, precision, and commitment. 

Our dedication to excellence starts with sustainability and civil responsibility. We start at our root, with our family farm in Da Lat, Vietnam, where our beans are carefully sourced in high-altitude microclimates producing dense coffee beans with richer, more bold flavor profiles. From farm to bottle, Omni Bev’s imported robusta beans are brewed and bottled here, in California. 

Today, Vietnam is the largest exporter of robusta beans and the second-largest coffee producer in the world. Vietnamese coffee culture goes beyond just the bean. In addition to sweetened condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee recipes also include mixtures with yogurt, eggs, or fruit creating deliciously unique specialty coffees. 

From harvesting to roasting, brewing, and bottling, to enjoy, to bonding, and repeat, our untiring goal is to brew coffee that creates a harmonious connection between tradition and modernity. We pride ourselves in authenticity, and brew with integrity.