Nitro on Tap

Omni Partner Program offers Vietnamese Nitro Coffee on Tap for offices, restaurants, and cafes.

Enjoy smooth, creamy nitro Vietnamese cold brew right from a kegerator system. Omni Nitro Kegerator Systems is an easy, mess-free way to make coffee. Serving cold brew coffee on tap will make your establishment stand out from the crowd. Share a delicious glass poured from an Omni Nitro Cold Brew Kegerator and elevate your coffee experience. Offer a creamy sweet treat that is zero calories and all goodness.

We now offer Vietnamese Nitro Cold brew kegerators for any establishment through our Omni Partner Program.

What is the Omni Partner Program?

Omni Partner Program puts Nitro kegerators into your office, cafe, restaurant, or bar. We do all the work so that you can focus on more important things. We make having Nitro Cold Brew on tap easy by delivering the kegerator to your workspace, restaurant or cafe. We do the heavy lifting so that all you need to do is pull down the tap handle to pour a delicious cup of Vietnamese Nitro Cold Brew! Tap into a better coffee experience with Omni Cold Brew Nitro kegerators. Having cold brew on tap eliminates the mess from traditional pitchers. 


With two kegerator options, the Omni Partner Program is for every establishment. 


1. Omni's desktop nitro kegerator fuse Omni organic cold brew concentrate, with nitrogen extracted directly from the air. By eliminating the need for large nitrogen tanks, it's an ideal companion for smaller workspaces.





2. Omni’s fully loaded nitro kegerator is the  simplest way to offer speedy cold brew coffee service at your workspace, cafe, or restaurant. Within seconds, you're serving creamy and smooth nitro cold brew. With being zero calories and just having three ingredients ( coffee, water, and nitrogen), why not have a glass.




Omni Nitro kegerator is more than just office coffee. 

Five reasons to raise a glass and tap into an Omni Desktop Kegerators: 

  1. Efficiency: Pour Faster, within seconds have a delicious cold brew ready to serve. 
  2. Healthier: Nitro Cold Brew is a smooth coffee with less acidity, more sweetness, and natural flavors. Also zero calories.
  3. Freshness: Our Nitro kegerator slows the oxygenation process that degrades coffee’s bond flavor compounds. Less exposure to oxygen means our coffee stays fresher, longer.
  4. More: Highly caffeinated than your average coffee.
  5. Yes: Sustainably sourced, vegan, gluten-free, low acidic .