Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Variety 6 Pack

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We know, we know—all our flavors sound good. And with our variety pack, you don’t have to choose. Try all our most popular cold brews—Good Morning Saigon, Black, Coconut, and Coconut Matcha, and enjoy all Omni Bev has to offer.

Our Good Morning Saigon coffee is a highly-caffeinated, full-bodied, smooth cold brew with a splash of organic condensed milk to sweeten the deal. One bottle packs a ton of rich, smooth flavor, as well as 300mg of caffeine—equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!

Our Black cold brew is bold, smooth, and never bitter. Delivers the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee. With just two ingredients—filtered water and coffee—it's a clean, low-acidity, and sugar-free way to stay charged throughout the day.

Our plant-based Coconut cold brew is light, creamy, highly-caffeinated, and entirely dairy-free. With just 7 grams of sugar, it’s a way to bring some sweetness into your day that will leave you feeling caffeinated, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever.

Our plant-based Coconut Matcha Cold Brew coffee features a refreshing blend of Vietnamese coffee, premium Ceremonial-Grade Japanese matcha, and smooth coconut milk. This velvety brew is a light and bright addition to any morning, or a perfect midday pick-me-up.


Stock your fridge with four bottles of each of our offerings:

- 2 Bottles of Good Morning Saigon Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

- 2 Bottles of Black Cold Brew Coffee

- 1 Bottle of Coconut Plant-Based Cold Brew Coffee

- 1 Bottle of Coconut Matcha Plant-Based Cold Brew Coffee.



About Our Cold Brew Coffee

Omni’s Vietnamese coffee is grown sustainably on multi-generational family estate farms in the Central Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam. High elevation, micro-climates of generous rain, and rich volcanic red soil contribute to the distinct brightness and full-bodied profiles of our terroir-driven coffee. The blend we use incorporates a proprietary blend of premium Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans. Certified fair trade and sustainable. 100% Vietnamese.