Good Morning Saigon Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Pack of 12

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Pack of 12 bottles of 10 oz Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

The one that started it all—our founder set out to bottle the taste of morning in Vietnam, and now you can get six of those bottles, delivered straight to your door. Good Morning Saigon coffee is an aromatic blend of bold and intense flavors, with a splash of organic condensed milk to sweeten the deal. Packed with over 3X the amount of caffeine in your average cup of coffee, Omni’s Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee will help you power through whatever your day may bring.

Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee (Filtered Water, Coffee), Sweetened Condensed Milk (Whole Milk, Sugar), Acacia Gum, Gellan Gum, Coconut Milk.

Contains: Milk

Our 10 oz bottle = 300 mg of Caffeine


About Our Cold Brew Coffee

Omni’s Vietnamese coffee is grown sustainably on multi-generational family estate farms in the Central Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam. High elevation, micro-climates of generous rain, and rich volcanic red soil contribute to the distinct brightness and full-bodied profiles of our terroir-driven coffee. The blend we use incorporates a proprietary blend of premium Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans. Certified fair trade and sustainable. 100% Vietnamese.