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Where to Buy Wholesale Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee is a delicious, caffeinated beverage which is best enjoyed with friends, family, and loved ones. True to this distinction in Vietnamese Coffee culture, all of Omni Bev’s cold brews are sold in packs of six or twelve, the perfect amount for sharing.

However, for the savvy business owner whose coffee shop, cornerstore, or wellness center is looking to provide their customers with distinctively delicious flavors from the highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam, Omni Bev offers all of their products, as well as their freshly harvested beans, available wholesale.

The hallmark of Omni Bev’s wholesale Vietnamese coffee are the beans themselves. Omni Bev exclusively sources Robusta beans from founder Tammy Huynh’s family’s farm in the Highlands of Da Lat, which are then sun dried for long periods of time so the beans can fully mature and achieve unmatched flavor tones, before being shipped to California brewing.

Unlike Arabica beans, which are higher in acidity and have a sweeter, more fruity flavor, Robusta beans have a bolder, more concentrated flavor with dark chocolate undertones. They also have almost double the caffeine and carry half the amount of sugar that Arabica beans have, and are naturally sourced with antioxidants.

Moreover, Robusta beans grow best in nutrient dense volcanic soils, like those of the highlands in Da Lat. It’s one of the reasons why Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of Robusta beans, and second largest exporter of any type of coffee worldwide.

Buying Robusta beans wholesale through Omni Bev means that business owners are getting the freshest coffee available, without any additives or alterations. Likewise, because of Omni Bev’s commitment to sustainability and civic responsibility, those purchasing beans wholesale can rest easy knowing that their beans have been sourced with care.

But wholesale purchases through Omni Bev are not exclusively tied to Robusta beans. Fresh batches of cold brew, as well as Omni Bev’s Good Morning SaigonCoconut Plant Based Cold Brew, and Coconut Matcha Plant Based Cold Brew can all be purchased wholesale in large quantities.

What make’s Omni Bev’s cold brew unique among others is the attention to detail throughout the brewing process. Using the Robusta beans sourced from Da Lat, Omni Bev’s cold brew is brewed in low temperature small batches. This method ensures that the flavor profiles which Vietnamese Robusta beans are famous for remain consistent in every batch. Additionally, all of Omni Bev’s facilities are Safe Quality Food level 2 certified, and have an in-house Micro Testing lab to perform microbiology tests on every batch.

Whether purchasing fresh Robusta beans, delicious cold brew, or any of their iconic bottled beverages, Omni Bev’s wholesale Vietnamese coffee is the perfect choice for anyone looking to incorporate the flavors from Da Lat in their business. For those interested in learning more about buying Vietnamese coffee wholesale through Omni Bev, please fill out this Google Form. You will be contacted within 48 business hours.

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