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What is the Difference Between Vietnamese Coffee and Vietnamese Cold Brew coffee?

Why is Cold Brew so good?

Coffee is an everyday essential, a go-to breakfast, and an answer to get together with friends. On average, America consumes a whooping 400 million cups of coffee a day! In the last century, iced coffee has become a top favorite amongst caffeine connoisseurs, but recently cold brew coffee has been the choice for many. Step aside iced coffee; cold brew coffee isn't just a fad; it's the new standard for "iced" coffee. It's smooth, naturally sweeter, and less acidic taste is just the foundation of a better cup of iced coffee.

Traditional iced coffee uses hot water to extract flavors and caffeine from ground coffee beans. In contrast, cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping fresh ground coffee in cold, filtered water over a long period of time. Because heat is never applied, the coffee is brighter and more flavorful. The familiar acidic tones of hot-brewed coffee are muted. The result is a more balanced and refreshingly "iced" coffee with less acidity and bitterness.

Omni Bev Vietnamese-inspired cold brew coffees use the unique cold brew method, replacing the traditional hot brewed coffee process over ice. We are elevating conventional Vietnamese coffee. We take inspiration from Vietnam and deliver it right to your door. Inspired by Vietnamese coffee's bold and eclectic flavors, our Good Morning Saigon is our cold brew coffee rendition of Vietnamese coffee. Our coffee is a distinctive experience- vibrant, bold, and creamy. Each bottle of our Good Morning Saigon carries three cups of coffee, and because we don't rely on preservatives or pressurization, our coffee retains all the flavor of a freshly brewed batch for up to nine months.

If you're not familiar with Vietnamese iced coffee or cafe sua da, it is a fantastically addictive dark roast coffee sweetened with condensed milk served either hot or over ice. Cafe sua da in simple mean "iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk." Vietnamese coffee is all about the ritual. It is brewed using a phin,a small metal filter that rests on your coffee cup. When hot water pours through the phin filter, the ground coffee steeps its aroma and creates a strong brew that drips into the cup. The brewing of coffee with a Phin takes about four to five minutes. The hot coffee is then quickly poured over a glass of condensed milk and ice. After stirring together, the coffee and condensed milk results in a creamy, rich, smooth, and sweet sip of iced Vietnamese coffee.

Omni is not your classic Vietnamese coffee; it's next level. Its creation is a melding of our founder, Tammy's Vietnamese heritage, and the modern appreciation of coffee standards. Our coffee comes from tradition and innovation. Because of our cold water brewing process, our coffee is noticably less bitter and acidic than if it were made with hot water. Made with premium Vietnamese beans grown on rich volcanic soils, the flavor is incomparable. Our cold brew excels the standards of today's coffee evolution. Each bottle is brewed to give you the best of the coffee.

In review, the way a coffee tastes iced is as important as how it tastes hot. Your favorite hot brew might not be your favorite iced brew, the brewing process can severely change the final result.

Until now, there was no way to easily enjoy Vietnamese cold brew coffee in the comfort of your home at your readiness. Fused with passion and earnestness, Omni is changing the game with our ready-to-drink coffees that allow everyone to enjoy authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee without leaving their house. We have a simple wish to bring the cultural values of Vietnam to you. We want to get the world closer to Vietnam.

However you like your coffee - black, with cream, with or without sugar, if you are a coffee lover, you must try Vietnamese cold brew coffee. We are bringing centuries of traditions to life; our ready-to-drink caters to all kinds of coffee drinkers looking for an authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee. We believe our coffees, filled with local flavors of the Da Lat, can bring a familiar feeling of comfort as well as an exciting exploration of Vietnamese culture.

To taste authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee, get your bottles delivered to your door through our online store, Amazon, or Walmart marketplace online. In closing, Vietnamese cold brew coffee is all the rage.

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