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What is Plant-Based Coffee?

Yes, we know. All coffee is technically plant-based, or vegan—the beans are naturally growing plants and all you need is water. That said, plant-based (and plant-leaning!) coffee lovers who are used to taking their coffee with sweeteners and cream have more options than ever before. It's never been easier to be a vegan coffee drinker—whether you like yours with coconut milk, nut milks, soy milk, oat milk, or any other alt-milk beverage. 

lf you're a real serious coffee drinker, you may have already experimented with plant-based alternatives for your coffee. Or perhaps you're a practicing vegan, or have a dairy allergy, looking to jazz up your morning coffee. That's not to mention that there are many health benefits to choosing plant-based coffee (in addition to environmental reasons). 

What makes Omni Bev's plant-based coffee special

Omni Bev offers two plant-based coffees: the Coconut Plant-Based Cold Brew, which is a refreshing drink inspired by the coconut coffee popular in northern Vietnam, and the Coconut Matcha Plant-Based Cold Brew, a unique take on a matcha latte combining the dark, chocolate-y notes of Robusta coffee beans with the velvety feel and rich flavor of Japanese ceremonial grade matcha

What makes these cold brews unique is that they are entirely dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and low in calories. Likewise, they are all made using certified Fair-Trade and sustainably-grown Robusta coffee beans from the Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam.  All of Omni Bev’s plant-based cold brews are free of any and all preservatives and artificial flavors. Brewed using a small batch, low temperature method in facilities which allow for microbiology testing to ensure consistent quality in each brew, Omni Bev’s plant-based coffees have a refrigerated shelf life of 9 months, meaning that non-dairy coffee lovers will have the freshest tasting plant-based coffee whenever they would like.
Why we use coconut milk in our plant-based coffee

We crafted a vegan friendly alternative to traditional Vietnamese coffee, replacing our usual sweetened condensed milk with coconut creamer. The finish is a lighter brew that's plant-based, dairy-free and all natural. Coconut milk's properties are creamy and naturally dense, making it a firm favorite for coffee pairing. Coconut milk also carries a lot of healthy fats. Other benefits of coconut milk include aiding in weight loss, boosting brain health, boosting endurance and energy, and improving heart health.

Coconuts have a relatively lower environmental impact than dairy, almond, and soy milk, which have huge carbon prints. Coconuts often grow in areas with plentiful water like the tropics, and require low amounts of fertilizers and pesticides meaning better for you, better for the environment. 

Omni Bev brings delicious taste and clean ingredients with the underlying notion that coffee is fuel and how you treat your body dictates your daily performance. Whether you are a student, an athlete, a foodie, or a parent, our philosophy is to offer quality coffee that is refreshing and leaves you feeling nourished and energized.

To try out plant-based coffee for yourself, grab one of Omni Bev’s refreshing Coconut Plant-Based Cold Brews or one of their highly-caffeinated Coconut Matcha Plant-Based Cold Brews to taste the new standard in plant-based coffee.

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