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What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Sales for the coffee in the United States grew from $110.1 million in 2015 to $310.28 million in 2020, with this rise in popularity expected to continue in the coming years.

Even though this type of coffee is popular, not everyone knows what exactly they are drinking when they open a bottle or grab a glass of the highly caffeinated drink. So what exactly is cold brew?

Cold brew coffee refers to any type of coffee that has been brewed by steeping ground coffee beans in room temperature or colder water for anywhere from six to 12 hours. This relatively simple process can be done using any number of containers, including an immersion brewing system like Omni Bev’s Portable French Press.

A common misconception of cold brew is that it is the same thing as iced coffee. While both types of drinks are cold by nature, unlike iced coffee, cold brew does not require the use of ice cubes to make the drink cold. This preserves the flavors and depth of the coffee, as the drink is not being diluted by ice cubes melting over time.

Likewise, unlike iced coffee, which is typically made using hot brewing methods, cold brew never comes into contact with heat throughout its brewing process. Instead of using heat, cold brew’s use of time yields the same results for drawing out the coffee grounds’ natural oils, sugars, and caffeines.

Due to the brewing process, cold brew typically has more caffeine than its regular counterparts. However, the amount of caffeine in your cold brew depends on the type of coffee used and the length of time you cold brew your grounds.

To get started with making your own cold brew coffee, consider using an immersion brewer like Omni Bev’s Portable French Press, and high quality beans like Omni Bev’s premium coffee beans, which are all sourced from small family farms in the highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam.

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