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Our Origin: Highlands Coffee Beans From Vietnam

When Tammy Huynh was five years old growing up in Vietnam, she had a groundbreaking  experience that would set her on a life course paralleled by no other. Strictly forbidden by her mother, her father secretly gave Tammy her first sip of Vietnamese coffee.

“I had tasted liquid gold,” Tammy says, recalling this pivotal moment in her life. “As far as memories go, the warming smell of coffee filled my home, and later that smell of home would surround my life … That fresh, distinctive roasted smell fueled my curiosity, and once my mother forbade me from the drink, it made me want more.”

Thus began Tammy’s lifelong and loving relationship with Vietnamese coffee. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she would frequent coffee shops with her father throughout Vietnam, each cafe highlighting a unique roast as well as the individuality and character of the cafe owners who poured their hearts and souls into every cup.

On a 2017 visit to her father and uncle’s coffee farm, the largest in Da Lat, Vietnam, Tammy’s interest in Vietnamese coffee was renewed. Rather than simply figuring out how to get a delicious cup daily for herself, Tammy had a broader question demanding her attention: how to share the uniquely bold flavors of Vietnamese coffee, unmatched by beans grown anywhere else in the world, to new communities.

This trip was followed by a year spent doing research in a lab to perfect a delicious, all-natural coffee formulation from beans sourced in the highland fields of Da Lat which could be ready-to-drink and sustainable for up to six months refrigerated. After all of her hard work, Tammy had finally landed on the perfect formula.

Coconut Cold Brew being poured into a cup

Omni Bev launched in 2019 with the goal to “elevate quality, build transparency, and create unparalleled flavors” accessible to all, whether the person opening a bottle of Tammy’s delicious Vietnamese coffee was brand new to the caffeinated beverage or the most seasoned coffee connoisseur.

Each bottle of Omni Bev’s Vietnamese Cold Brew is unique in that each batch is brewed exclusively using Robusta beans, known for their bold, concentrated flavors with dark chocolate undertones, sourced from the Huynh family coffee farm in the highlands of Da Lat. Da Lat is the perfect place to harvest such coffee, as Robusta beans thrive best in tropical climates and fertile, nutrient dense volcanic soils.

But more important than the quality of the beans is the fact that each of Omni Bev’s cold brews honor the long-standing tradition of coffee in Vietnam. Coffee was first introduced to the country in the 19th century when French colonizers brought over their favorite drink. Since then, not only has Vietnam gone on to become the world’s largest exporter of Robusta beans, like those used in Omni Bev’s cold brews, but it has developed a unique coffee culture — unlike the five-dollar morning coffee runs common in the United States, folks in Vietnam take time in their day to really enjoy coffee with their loved ones. It’s more than just a quick caffeine-fix; it’s a way of life.

Omni Bev's Coconut Cold Brew, Matcha Coconut Cold Brew, and Good Morning Saigon

Today, Tammy’s dream of making Vietnamese coffee accessible to new communities continues to be realized daily. Omni Bev currently offers three read-to-drink beverages: Good Morning Saigon, an authentic Vietnamese cold brew which combines the bold flavors of Robusta beans with the creaminess of sweetened condensed milk, Coconut Plant Based Cold Brew, a delicious Robusta brew with a splash of coconut cream, and Matcha Coconut Plant-Based Cold Brew, which incorporates Robusta beans, coconut cream, and Ceremonial Grade Japanese matcha to provide a delicious, caffeinated experience.

To taste the flavors from the highlands of Da Lat yourself, visit Omni Bev’s website or the refrigerated section of your favorite grocery store.

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