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Introducing The Vietnamese Coffee Boba Kit

Boba is all the rage. The black tapioca pearls, which are made from tapioca starch and became popular in Taiwan throughout the mid-20th century, have gained global popularity in recent years. Throughout Spring 2021, boba became an even more hotly sought after commodity due to a boba shortage in the United States, showing the pearls’ continued dominance in the cultural conversation.

While boba is traditionally served with tea, the sweet pearls make a delicious addition to a variety of beverages, notably coffee. That’s why Omni Bev is proud to collaborate with Kassava Co. to create the company’s first-ever Vietnamese Coffee Boba Kit.

Inspired by the the timeless Cà Phê Sữa Đá — Vietnamese Iced Coffee — this collaboration combines the delicious, medium-dark roast flavors of Omni Bev’s Signature Blend with sweetened condensed milk and Kassava Co.’s premium boba pearls.

What’s most unique about this collaboration is that each kit includes Omni Bev’s Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee Maker. This reimagined version of the classic Vietnamese phin filter allows you to brew your coffee the traditional way, before adding in your boba pearls.

The collaboration between Omni Bev and Kassava Co. is available in two different packages, both providing everything you need to make a delicious cup of Vietnamese Coffee Boba. The Vietnamese Coffee Boba Kit includes one 8.8 oz. bag of Omni Bev’s Signature Blend coffee, a Phin filter, an 8.7 oz. bag of Kassava Co.’s premium boba, six packets of single-serving sweetened condensed milk, a stirring spoon, two metal straws, and a straw cleaner. The Vietnamese Coffee Boba Party Pack includes everything in the standard kit, as well as the Sabotage Boba Card Game, a fast-paced tabletop card game where each player can live their dream to be their own boba shop owner.

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