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Our Favorite Coffee Innovations

At Omni Bev, we believe that coffee culture is something dynamic and constantly changing for the better. Our Portable French Press, for instance, was created in this spirit of innovating the way we drink coffee for generations to come.

As we look towards the future of coffee innovation, it's important to reflect on the changes and innovations which have created the coffee culture we know and love today. Here is our guide to our favorite coffee innovations from over the years.

Cold Brew Coffee

Good Morning Saigon coffee.
Omni Bev’s Vietnamese Cold Brew coffee—the Good Morning Saigon.

While cold brew coffee has taken the world by storm over the past decade, the caffeine-rich coffee has actually been around since the 1600s when Dutch traders reached Japan and learned of a traditional cold brewing method for tea. Cold brew today has become popular with Millennials and members of Gen Z due to its relatively easy brewing process and portability.

Pour Over Coffee Method

A pour over coffee brewer.
A pour-over coffee maker. Vera de Kok // CC BY-SA 3.0.

Pour over coffee brewing is now a staple in cafes and home kitchens around the world. The innovative method, which was created in 1908, is an efficient way to brew consistent batches of coffee while preserving the natural flavors of the beans. Today, the pour-over method has been employed in a variety of other coffee makers, including the phin in Vietnam and the nel drip in Japan


Ready-to-drink coffees.
Omni Bev’s line of ready-to-drink coffees.

Over the past decade, ready-to-drink coffee beverages have exploded in popularity. For many, these portable drinks make it easier than ever to have quality coffee on-the-go no matter where your journey takes you. Likewise, ready-to-drink coffees like Omni Bev’s line of bottled beverages allow you to taste traditional coffee in an accessible medium.

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