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The International Women’s Coffee Alliance is an organization with the mission “to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives, and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry.” The fight for the equitable participation of women in the coffee industry is vital, and is why Omni Bev has partnered with the IWCA to help further this mission.

Omni Bev proudly uses fair-trade coffee beans sourced directly from sustainable farms in Da Lat, Vietnam. At Omni Bev, we want to share the beauty of Vietnamese coffee culture with the rest of the world. None of this would be possible without the care and dedication of our farmers.

Our founder, Tammy Huynh, resonates deeply with the farmers of Vietnam. 70 percent of coffee farmers in Vietnam are female, most of whom are single moms who have faced hardships throughout their lives. These women have struggled during the war where many lost their spouses in the middle of their pregnancies, and many were sexually abused.

Tammy is also a single mom who knows the hardship of raising children without the support of a spouse. She has embraced the power and responsibility that comes along with being a single mom, and wants to empower these women to be able to do the same. 

Coffee farming in Da Lat, Vietnam

At Omni Bev, we make it a priority to support these women through providing education, on-going donations, and giving back in every possible way we can. Throughout our partnership with the IWCA, a portion of every sale of our Good Morning Saigon Vietnamese Cold Brew goes directly to support the education and livelihoods of these coffee farmers. Likewise, a portion of every sale of Omni’s Signature Blend Vietnamese Roasted Coffee goes to planting coffee trees in Vietnam.

Our goal is for our contribution to the fight for the equitable participation of women in the coffee industry is to create a domino effect. When we help educate and empower these women, we hope to see that this knowledge and empowerment be passed on to the next person, and then onto the next. Omni Bev wants to increase the awareness of women’s contributions, as well as strengthen women to realize their full potential. Being a partner of the IWCA Vietnam helps make this dream a reality.

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