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How to Make Immersion Cold Brew Coffee Using a French Press

Cold brew is one of the hottest drinks right now. What differs cold brew from a traditional iced coffee is that cold brew is brewed with cold water, rather than being brewed with hot water and adding in ice later. This difference yields a higher level of caffeine in cold brew than in its iced coffee counterpart. 

While the drink itself may seem a bit too involved on the surface for the average coffee drinker to make on their own, cold brew is surprisingly easy and accessible to make at home. Immersion brewing, such as brewing via a French press, is by far the simplest way to make cold brew. The process only requires coffee grounds, cold water, and a couple hours of patience to brew a perfectly mellow, sweet cup of coffee with a low-acidity level every time.

Want to try your own immersion cold brew? Check out our Portable French Press, which brews hot or cold, and see a quick and easy recipe below.

How to Make Immersion Cold Brew Coffee

Vietnamese coffee beans
Prep time: 5 min.
Cook time: 12-24 hours
Total time: 12-24 hours



  1. In your French press, add your coffee grounds, then quickly pour your cold water into the press to thoroughly cover the grounds.
  2. Using your stirring spoon, gently stir the mixture so that all of the coffee is evenly coated by the water.
  3. Seal your press and place into your refrigerator for anywhere from 12-24 hours. The longer you allow your coffee to brew, the stronger your cold brew will be.
  4. When ready to serve, press down on your French press' plunger, and serve on its own, use it as a concentrate for iced lattes, or add in your favorite milks and sweeteners. Drink within 48 hours of brewing to have the best flavor experience.

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