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How to Make Omni's Vietnamese Iced Coffee using a Phin Filter

A Vietnamese slow drip coffee filter, known as a PHIN, is the standard brewing tool used commonly in Vietnam. When French colonists brought coffee to Vietnam in the late 18th century, they also brought coffee makers from France. Today, stainless steel phin coffee filters can be found all over Vietnam. Luckily, you don't need a passport to revel in Vietnam's eminent coffee culture. We've redesigned the phin as a modern, simplified three-piece set within a sleek graphite black color with a twist-on filter plate.  Omni's high-quality stainless steel phin filter brings the Vietnamese coffee experience to your home. This exquisite compact phin comes as a reusable set that includes a brewing chamber with an attached drip tray, a twist-in tamper, and a lid. The superiority of the phin is in its simplicity. The twist-on tamper gives you complete control of your brew. The phin filter is a slow-drip brewing tool that yields a single delightfully smooth coffee in minutes. The phin is compatible with most cups and easy to clean. Phin filters are lightweight, portable, paper-free, easy to use, and clean. Welcome to #ThePhinLife!


Tammy Huynh's family secret recipe - the secret is in the Omni Bev signature coffee blend.


    1. Prep Glass - Add 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to your 8 ounce glass then place the Phin over glass.

    2. Prep Phin- twist-off filter plate from the phin chamber and add 3 tablespoons of Omni Bev's medium-coarse ground speciality coffee blend. Gently shake the phin to evenly distribute the coffee grounds.

    3. Insert filter plate - Twist on the filter plate until it is pressing against the ground coffee. Don't twist it in too tightly!

    4. Steep - Add 2 tablespoons (1 ounce)  of hot water into the phin to allow the coffee grounds to bloom (expand) for 30 - 40 seconds.

    5. BrewFill phin 3/4 full with hot water (about 4 oz of hot water). Place the lid on top of the Phin.* Your coffee will begin to drip slowly into your cup.  Allow 4-5 minutes for the coffee to brew.

    6. Serve - Stir thoroughly with a spoon then fill the cup with ice. Enjoy! 

    *  Caution!  Phin and lid may be hot



    • Boil your water temperature to around 185°F to 195°F
    • Twist the filter plate firmly into your ground coffee, but do not tighten the filter plate 
      • If it's too tight, the water will not be able to brew through
      • Your coffee grounds need space to bloom (expand)  
    • If the coffee is dripping too quickly from the phin, it means your filter plate is not firmly in place
      • It is okay to slowly pour the water out of the phin to tighten your filter plate. Just add hot water again! 
    • If the coffee is not dripping from your phin, it means you twisted your filter plate too tightly into the ground coffee 
      • To fix this, you can slowly pour out the water from your phin and readjust your plate filter by loosening it. Then add new hot water to your phin chamber.
    • If you are lactose intolerant or want to try something new, opt for sweetened condensed coconut milk. It’s delicious! 
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