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How to Make Coffee On-The-Go Using a Portable French Press

The French Press is one of the most popular methods of brewing coffee. Synonymous with café-style coffee, French presses can be found in national coffee chains, local coffee shops, and kitchens around the globe.

While the idea of a French press—a coffee-brewing device which makes use of a chamber, a filter, and a plunger—has been around as early as 1852, the modern French press came into existence in 1928 when a contemporary iteration of the device was patented by two Frenchmen in Italy. Since then, the French press has become a global phenomenon, with various innovations like different levels of filtration and “pull” designs being made in subsequent iterations. However, one of the most popular innovations for the French press has been the creation of portable French presses.

Omni Bev’s Portable French Press is a versatile tool which can be used to make any number of hot or iced beverages on-the-go. The double-walled insulation of the Portable French Press allows any hot beverage to retain heat for 6 hours, perfect for brewing hot coffee and tea on-the-go without the risk of your drink going cold. Likewise, with a little extra time, the Portable French Press can be used to make a refreshing cup of cold brew (check out our guide on how to brew your own cold brew with a Portable French Press here).

Given its namesake, the Portable French Press brews a deliciously smooth cup of french press coffee, whether at home, at work, or traveling abroad. Here is your step-by-step guide to brewing coffee on-the-go using a Portable French Press.

How to Brew Coffee with a Portable French Press

Portable French Press with Robust Coffee beans
Prep time: 5 min.
Cook time: 5 min.
Total time: 10 min.


  • 3-4 tablespoons of medium ground coffee beans
  • 1.5 cups of boiling water


  1. Remove the inner tube from your Portable French Press. Add your ground coffee into the bottom of the outer tube.
  2. Slowly pour in your boiling water on top of the coffee grounds. You should stop pouring once your water reaches 1.5 inches lower than the rim of the outer tube.
  3. Allow your coffee to steep for 2 to 4 minutes. The longer you let the coffee steep, the stronger the flavor will be.
  4. After steeping for your desired amount of time, add open your plunger lid and insert the inner tube back into the outer tube, then slowly press down, allowing the coffee to strain through the internal strainer.
  5. Once the inner tube is fully in the outer tube, tighten your bottle and lid to ensure your coffee won’t spill out, and enjoy.

To try making french press coffee on-the-go, check out Omni Bev’s Portable French Press. Unlike a traditional French Press, which is stationary and requires additional mugs and cups for serving, Omni’s Portable French Press is a versatile tool which allows you to brew your favorite café-style coffee and tea beverages on-the-go. The double-filtration and double-walled nature of the Portable French Press means that every brew will be consistently smooth and hot for up to 6 hours. Likewise, rather than having to carry around extra serving mugs, you can simply drink your favorite beverages directly from the Portable French Press.

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