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How is Omni Bev Different?

Vietnamese coffee may be a trending topic in the United States today, but we've been making and drinking it all of our lives. As the first ready-to-drink Vietnamese cold brew brand—with a modern twist—we want to show how accessible and convenient our beloved Vietnamese coffee (and culture) can be. Read on to learn more about how we do it, and how we're different. 

The Beans

Our premium, organic, and fair-trade beans are sourced from our founder Tammy Huynh’s family’s farms in the highlands of Da Lat—the most famous coffee-growing region in Vietnam. Rather than outsourcing through a large farm operation, Omni Bev supports the economic sustainability of the region. The beans are also sun-dried for long periods of time, a zero-waste method that allows them to fully mature and achieve unmatched flavor before brewing. 

Coffee beans from Da Lat, Vietnam
The Brew

While Vietnamese coffee is typically made using a single-serve slow drip phin filter, Omni Bev's cold brew coffee is brewed via a proprietary extraction that uses high and low pressure to extract the desirable coffee compounds, leaving behind bitter and tannic composites. Brewing at an optimal temperature in small batches ensures a consistent flavor profile in every batch. 

A Vietnamese Phin Filter
The Benefits

Coffee amateurs and aficionados alike will love Omni Bev’s bottled cold brews for their all natural flavor and extra caffeination—the perfect kick of energy to anyone’s day. For coffee lovers who are vegan or just interested in plant-based options, our Coconut Cold Brew and Coconut-Matcha Cold Brew are excellent options. 

Coconut Cold Brew from Vietnam
The Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the Vietnamese coffee movement and put Vietnamese culture on the map. As a woman-owned company, we also take representation seriously. After all, founder Tammy Huynh created Omni Bev because she wanted something convenient for female entrepreneurs and working moms like her. Able to maintain the same level of freshness for nine months unopened in the fridge, all of Omni Bev’s bottled cold brews are preservative-free, made using all-natural ingredients. 

To taste the new standard for Vietnamese coffee, try out any of Omni Bev’s three ready-to-drink bottled Vietnamese cold brews. Likewise, to experiment with your favorite brewing methods, grab a bag of Omni Bev’s coffee beans delivered straight to your doorstep from the highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam.

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